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Why Boveda?

Why Boveda?

Warfighter Tobacco is a proud retail partner with Boveda humidification products.  As Warfighters, we want “Front Towards Enemy” simple.  Science is hard when you are being shot at.  Hell, it’s hard when you aren’t being shot at.  Nothing on the market is easier than Boveda.  Never worry about too much or too little again.  It just does it for you.  No other product can add or decrease humidity the way Boveda can—and too much or too little humidity is to cigars what sunlight is to beer—Skanky!  Throw it in your box and replace every few months.  Boom! No science for you.  I know, I know, you are thinking that everyone else uses solutions or gels, so if it was as cool as I say, why isn’t everyone doing it?  Because their frickin’ smart, that’s why.  They were smart enough to use science, and then they went off and patented it.  “Doh!”—said all the less smart folk.  So buy Boveda and never forget which side goes towards the enemy again.

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