Police Officer tribute .50 Garrison Maduro with Engraved Warfighter Logo Humidor

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We have upped our ante and remain partnered with Humanizing the Badge.  For each "Blue Line" cigar you order, we will donate $1.00 to their charitable activities.  Yep, order this special and that's $20 from us to them on your behalf.  You rock.   

This package includes 20 .50 Cal Maduro "Thin Blue Line" cigars in your choice of Torpedo or Churchill.  They come with our Engraved Warfighter logo 50 count humidor in elegant piano black. Includes an upgraded Boveda humidification system with two 72% (60 gram) humidification packs. This subtle tribute lets our LEO brethren know that you have their back and the humidor lets everyone know that you have class, but aren't afraid to bring the hammer!


This currently has a 2-3 week backorder.