Warfighter Field Box--Pelican 1200

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The real deal--No pretender here.  Why settle for a look-alike when this is a real Pelican 1200 case with your choice of 10 cigars, custom foam, a Boveda cedar two pack holder and two Boveda 69% humidification packets. With the magnetic attachment, the cedar holder can be removed to use the box to secure your other kit.  We can't imagine when that would be, but we promised multi-purpose utility, and here you go.  Without the foam divider, the 1200 will hold up to 20 cigars.  Did we mention it comes with a velcro tab and Warfighter PVC Patch--because everything looks better with a patch.  

If you need more capacity, check out the 1300.  Or buy both because your mission may call for it. 

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