Deployment Starter Pack

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New to the Cigar game but ready to go all in?  Need a resupply for that trip across the pond?  This is the perfect kit for those looking for something for a long stay or are the Jason Bourne Tier III guy and may need to fit in with the high rollers.  This kit comes complete with the 1200 Pelican humidor kit, the wickedly over-engineered Xikar XO Cutter and Xikar's most popular triple flame Elipse III Lighter.  You get your choice of mission colors based on your terrain.  Although quality is more important than price on this kit set, we are packaging one hell of a deal!

Mission Kit includes:

  • Pelican 1200 Boveda Humidor with your choice of 10 cigars 
  • Xikar XO iCutter (in choice of standard colors)
  • Xikar Ellipse III Triple Flame Lighter