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NFG 2021 Warfighter virtual Cigar band

Congratulations for making it to this virtual band page.

In these trying times as we bow down to the man and are not allowed to meet face to face, Warfighter wanted to rub some salt into the Undergrounds wounds by relentlessly making fun of them for this less than manly unfreedom-like decision to do a virtual event. We would take the time to roast them here, however the fact we are here is roast enough. This sucks and we hope the cigars are some kind of consolation prize for missing out on the real reason for the SOME fucks given event. Getting to see you magnificent bastards face to face in real lifeif what we really want!  Warfighter truly loves the people of the Underground and we really do hate the fact this is virtual.

Don, Chef, and the rest of the crew, thanks for such a great relationship with Warfighter.  We truly appreciate it and will be forever grateful despite this small fuck that was given.