5.56 MM Garrison Corojo --Box of 20

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Our traditional box of 20 Cigars.  Each box in the set has a quote from a famous Warfighter on the bottom--in case you are into collecting stuff like that....

90 Rating by Cigars and Spirits

Wrapper:         Corojo (Nicaragua)

Binder:             Habano (Nicaragua)

Filler:               Habano (Jamastran, Honduras)

                        Habano (Jalapa, Nicaragua)

                        Ligero Habano (Estelí, Nicaragua)

 A creamy beginning which settles into a spice that is more typical of a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper with a Habano blend. Notes of toasted oak and leather arise while still maintaining a comfortable spice. Towards the end of the cigar these flavors evolve into a creamy cocoa, which soon becomes the prevalent flavor while the spice and toasted oak take the backseat.

Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Available Sizes:

  • Robusto 5x52
  • Toro 6x52
  • Double Corona 7x52
  • Rocco 6x60
  • Corona 5.5x46
  • Lancero 7x38 Box of 30


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