FREE Travel Humidor with Abrams 120 MM Ashtray

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The M1A1/A2 Abrams main armament is it's M/44 120MM smoothbore gun, firing a 120MM round. The shell casing of the round disintegrates when fired, leaving the heavy steal expended base of the round.    

From this base comes the Warfighter's ultimate Ashtray.   Each is carefully machined, cleaned, sandblasted, polished and finally clear powder coated preserving the head stamp and illustrating the rounds history. As the perfect finishing touch, the Warfighter Logo is neatly engraved in the center cap.  What better way to lay a Warfighter Cigar to rest while owning a genuine piece of modern day military history.


The ultra-versatile Warfighter Travel Humidor.

  • Holds 4 Cigars in your choice of Robusto or Toro
  • Holds lighter and cutter of your choice. 
  • Full sized Boveda 60 gram 2 way humidity pack (72%)

Because Warfighters demand versatility, the Warfighter Travel Humidor is perfect.  The portable lightweight design provides ample space that holds up to four 6 inch, 56 ring gauge cigars or smaller, a cigar cutter, lighter, humidification pack, and cell phone. It is water resistant, including the zipper, to maintain optimal humidification. The back of the Travel Humidor has MOLLE webbing to attach to an assault pack or plate carrier; making this one of the most versatile travel humidors in the world.

The gear pouch is the first in a series of functional snap and go features that allow you to simply Velcro your gear pouch to the inside of your humidor, completely sealed to protect against leakage of butane on your cigars. It is also a handy pouch to hang on the outside of the Travel Humidor while enjoying a good smoke.

The bag dimensions are roughly 4.6 inches by 7.3 inches by 2.45 inches. It fits a Toro/Robusto or smaller size cigar and includes a velcro Warfighter patch on the front.