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How do I manage my subscription?

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My lighter is not working.

The lighters are usually shipped empty. To fill them correctly, first add a small amount of butane to the lighter. Then bleed fully by turning the lighter upside down and depressing the small brass nozzle with a bleed tool or nail. This will allow any air bubbles to escape as well. Then you can fill it full and adjust the flame to your desired height.

How can I become a dealer?

Please send an email to with a copy of your tobacco license. We will reach out to you after we receive it.


What is a good cigar blend to start with? I've never smoked.

Our 7.62 Field Sumatra was blended to be smooth and mild, and is a great choice for first time or occasional smokers.  We also recommend trying our sampler pack.  That lets you try each of our cigars to find out which is your favorite.

Why do I have to send in my ID?

We are required by law to verify age. When our electronic system fails to do so we will email you a request for a photo to be sent in. We do not keep them on file, we simply make a note on your account that you have been verified. is our third party app that handles age verification.  Please follow the instructions to verify during the checkout process.

Can you ship to APO/FPO?

Absolutely.  Please put APO, FPO, DPO in the city line for the shipping address and select the appropriate AE, AA, etc. from the "State" drop down.

What is the difference between the Field and Garrison lines?

They are all completely different cigars.  The Field line will be lighter and smoother in flavor and strength, while the Garrison line will be bolder and stronger.