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Who We Are

Warfighter Tobacco Company, LLC, is owned and operated by combat Veterans. We aren't even close to heroes, but we have been lucky enough to get to know, and serve with, a bunch of ass-kickers who are.  This is a snapshot of who we are....


Scott "El Presidente"

We all suspect Scott has a voyeur fetish, because he spends a large amount of time staring through magnified optics. The fact that he found his calling as a Scout Sniper and SOTIC instructor is purely coincidental.  Scott started his military career as an infantryman in the National Guard (where, coincidentally, he managed to barely escape serving under Chris' command).  Scott also served two tours in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. He is a graduate of An Najaf High, the Mosul School for Wayward Boys and Tal Afar Tech.  Ironically, during the invasion of Iraq, Scott again managed to barely avoid Chris.  This is probably because Chris was an officer and Scott was busy violating General Order #1.  Although Scott co-founded Warfighter Tobacco with Chris, he lets Chris call himself the "HMFIC" so Chris' officer feelings don't get hurt.  Scott's passion includes shooting things from really, really long distances, cigars and whiskey. Before this is all over, he swears he's gonna get a certain officer to drink whiskey like an enlisted man!


Jon "Vice President"

Another former member of the 101St Airborne Division, Jon spent a year winning hearts and minds during the invasion of Iraq alongside Scott.  As an M240 gunner, Jon was never to concerned about aim—which drove Scott crazy. Now, Jon continues to drive Scott crazy by occasionally out-shooting him at precision rifle matches across the States. Who’s the sniper now, bro? Jon is a true renaissance Warfighter as he is also a certified Harley mechanic and a heck of a dog trainer. He also has a bit of a cult following for famously going full “Sharon Stone” while wielding an M60 in the “F*ck Hipster” Black Rifle Coffee commercial.  Although this picture doesn't show it, he had the most epic Post 9-11 beard until he trimmed it in a freak motorcycle accident.  Now Chris mocks him for having a lesser beard.  Jon is also in a constant battle with Bryan over who has "date of rank" in Warfighter, but Bryan can do math down to crazy decimal points, so we think Jon will continue to lose this battle.  Besides cigars, guns, motorcycles and dogs, Jon is madly in love with a guy named Jameson. 


Chris "Founder" 

Described by friends as a "patch whore," Chris probably co-founded this company just so he could score more cool patches and shirts. Okay, he really does love cigars. He is also a true Citizen Soldier having spent the majority of his 23 years in the Army National Guard.  Before you laugh, he managed to score 5 mobilizations, a peace-keeping tour and two all-expense paid trips to Iraq.  Chris is often heard screaming in his sleep "you promised only one weekend a month!"  Most of his service was spent as an Armor/Cavalry Officer (although he was able to parlay his law degree into a pogue's life and a couple easy promotions—‘cause he's not an idiot).  His active duty tours were with the 101st Airborne Division, the 1st Armored Division and the 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (they were a pretty big deal). He's now trying to figure out what to do when he grows up.  Chris likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Although he's not much into soul food, he likes the taste of champagne...and by all that he means cigars, guns, and a good bottle of gin.  




Bryan "Chief Incendiary Officer"

A combat engineer with a brain pan the size of an M9 ACE, Bryan is the only one still currently serving full time in the Military. As such, he's not around to defend himself and gets all the crappy jobs.  We like that.  Bryan was technically the third member of  Warfighter because Chris was tired of being disrespected by Scott, so he thought having another Officer on board was a good idea.  Now Scott has two officers to boss around. Like Chris and Scott, Bryan also has two combat deployments, including the invasion of Iraq, notched on the old bedpost. Unlike Chris and Scott, Bryan was in the 4th ID during the invasion, so he got their leftovers. We know, you got Saddam, but only after we killed Uday and Qusay first!  And everyone knows they were the really bad ones.  In case you haven't figured out the theme yet, Bryan was also sentenced to hard labor with the 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (All Hell Can't Stop Us!). Bryan likes to smoke cigars while doing really, really hard math. He also prefers to be the inside of the spoon.  



 Thanks to ours, and all Warfighter families, for putting up with us (most of the time). Thank you for YOUR Service and patriotism.  

Warfighter Tobacco Company, LLC

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