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Patrol Mission Starter Kit

Original price $76.47 - Original price $189.48
Original price
$76.47 - $189.48
Current price $79.47

New to the Cigar game but are feeling confident?  Need a resupply for that short mission?  This is the perfect kit for those who need something for a more robust mission.  The Colibri V-Cut is as versatile and rugged as a an M4 Carbine. The new deep V is an amazing cut that if you have never used, I promise you will love. The Colibri Rebel Lighter may be the most durable lighter on the market. Or choose the Warfighter Field Lighter and Cutter option and receive a Firebird Single jet lighter and Firebird guillotine cutter.  

Both lighter/cutter options come with our logo laser engraved on them.

Choose what size sampler you want and which lighter and cutter fits your mission best. 

Mission Kit includes:

  • 6 pack Cigar Sampler with stay fresh Boveda pack
  • Colibri V-Cut with logo and Colibri Rebel lighter with logo or Warfighter Field single flame lighter and Guillotine cutter.