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November Update

November Update

What’s up Warfighters? We hope you had a wicked-cool Halloween. Frankly, October wore us out.  Between dressing up as our favorite man-bun wearing hipsters, attending events, scoping out our new HQ and stocking up for the upcoming Holidays, there wasn’t much time left.  So, please accept this as a joint October/November newsletter and understand that our lack of communication in no way represents our appreciation for you, our awesome supporters!


To catch you up, first, we had a great time in Dallas with the folks from Cigars and Spirits Magazine. They had a very cool event that allowed us to make some new friends and meet some great new Warfighters who haven’t yet had an opportunity to meet us.  Also, in case you haven’t heard, Cigars and Spirits are in the process of rating our Cigars.  So far, they have completed the Garrison line.  The 5.56 MM Garrison Corojo and 7.62 MM Garrison Rosado both rated at 90. The .50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro rated a 91.  Next up will be our Field line.  We are excited to see how our most popular 5.56 MM Field Connecticut rates out.  So far, so good. 


From Dallas, Scott and Jon went to scope out San Antonio where we found our new HQ.  Yes, we are moving operations to San Antonio, Texas. For the loyal Nebraska faithful, no worries.  Not all of us are moving so we won’t be losing our Nebraska roots.  You will still see at least one of the Warfighter Urban Assault Vehicles roaming about Nebraska.  Chris and Bryan will head up Warfighter North while Scott and Jon will transition ops to Warfighter South.  Rocco will continue to be our Warfighter West media juggernaut. 


The move is designed to help us continue to grow and expand so we can continue our promise to you. That is, if we aren’t always trying to get better, we are failing, and we don’t plan on failing you.  With the move we will have more space, be closer to some other great Veteran Owned businesses, and be poised to get into more markets.  Plus, Texas is a pretty darned Cigar friendly State, and we can’t ignore that.  Don’t worry, even though we keep hearing that things are bigger in Texas, we are listening to you and working on bringing you smaller gauged cigars when you don’t have Texas sized time to enjoy a smoke. We will be starting with a Minutemen (4x44) Maduro.  If you like those, there will definitely be more to follow. 


Speaking of Rocco, we can’t ignore the pending season finale of Mayans MC.  What a ride that has been for Vince.  For those of you that will miss seeing him on the tube, no worries, because his new show on the History Channel debuts November 20th.  Brothers In Arms will pit Vince and our friend Eli Cuevas against all things 2A as they restore and play with some very cool weaponry.  This will be done out of their Ogden, Utah “Banditos Armory” facility.   Of course, as Warfighters, this probably isn’t up our alley very much (#sarcasm).  I know Bryan is anxiously awaiting Vince to appear in a remake of Chocolat—because he’s definitely the “romantic comedy-drama” expert—not that there’s anything wrong with that. 


Finally, as we prepare for the Holidays, don’t forget to check out our Warfighter Travel Humidor. This product has been in the making for a very long time—too long.   It is the Ultimate Travel Humidor that has room for 4 cigars, a cutter, lighter and other kit.  It is the King of versatility—it can attach to your boat, motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle via its high strength rare earth magnets.  Alternatively, you can attach it to your tactical vest or pack using the incorporated MOLLE webbing.  Coincidentally, when not being used to store cigars, it also fits a small concealed-carry pistol and two magazines. Go figure?


As always, and as is most important, thank you Warfighters for your support and patronage.  Stay Dangerous and Be Safe.  

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