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Why Xikar?

Why Xikar?

Warfighter Tobacco is a proud retailer of Xikar tobacco products.  Xikar is to cigars what John Browning is to firearms.  Not only are Xikar products wicked cool, but they just work.  Xikar is an American Company (Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri) that has the best warranty in the business.  If it breaks, they give you a new one.  If it needs service, they give you a new one.  If it needs sharpened, they give you a new one.  If it has sentimental value, they will do their best to fix it without giving you a new one.  Cigar Cutters inevitably grow dull.  But you don’t want to throw away that one you spent good money on and really want, so you will inevitably keep it too long and ruin a good cigar.   Xikar is your answer.  Own two so when you send one in for replacement, the other is at your hand. 

Torch lighters are even worse.  Torch lighters are known for their uncanny ability to just stop working after being on the shelf for a while.  You can bleed it, blow it, practically rebuild the thing and they are just quirky.  My personal Xikar Enigma (first edition) went to Iraq and back and has lasted the longest of any refillable lighter (save zippo) I own.  One of these days it won’t, and I will send it in and they will send me another.  What’s not to like about that?

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